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The Wingate University PA program admits one class each year and the program begins in late August. 40 students are admitted to the main campus of Wingate University and 10 students at the Hendersonville, NC campus. Teaching is through synchronous distance learning: professors and students interact in different places but during the same time. The professors will be teaching from the main campus to the Hendersonville campus and vice versa. You will always be able to see, hear, ask questions, and interact with other students, regardless of the campus you attend.

The Admissions Officer will be on the Hendersonville campus one day each month. Please see the "Meet with the Admissions Officer" tab for information about scheduling a meeting at the satellite campus.

Wingate, N.C. – Wingate University is listed 10th among Best Value colleges and universities in the South based on quality and net cost. The rankings of the nation’s top schools were released in U.S. News & World Report’s Best Colleges. For more information, click here.

Wingate University graduate student is a recipient of a federal program scholarship that will pay full tuition expenses and a stipend in return for working in a medically underserved area after graduation within the United States

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Shown L-R: Rosalind Becker, Program Director, and Linda Myers-Reed, Scholarship Recipient            

Linda Myers-Reed, a Wingate University Physician Assistant student, is the recipient of a federally-funded scholarship that promotes the need and desire for future Physician Assistants to serve in some of the nation’s most underserved rural or urban communities.  She competed nationally for the scholarship against other physician assistant students, students enrolled in medical school, dental school, nurse practitioner programs, and certified nurse-midwifery schools. Linda is the first recipient of the highly competitive scholarship in the history of the Wingate University PA Program, with submissions for the 2014-2015 year of over 1800 applications. Read more>>